2 good wins – and never mind the weather

After 3 months without much water on the pitch, we got seriously served with enough rain to make it look like we were back in 2010. But the pitch remained rather true, showing that the water had seeped in too deep. Good for the remainder of the season.

Unseen in several years, covers on the SCC pitch – and unexpected after the May-June drought!

Our visitors – OP Swans – were only 8 so this allowed us to give more players some time in the middle (but still not 2 full sides due to some misunderstandings). Saturday, 2 innings of 15 overs: Wahid, on loan to OP Swans, shone with 5 wickets over both innings, while Saumur bowlers shared the opposition’s wickets. Still a lot of work to be done regarding grafting and playing/watching the ball… By the way, Readers Super Crowns are really “poor” balls – water seeping under the cracks in the varnish, hardly any seam…

Sunday, a quicker match (10 a side this time) of 25 overs. Great show from Hayat, looking to carry his bat, but out on 82 (20 overs). Eimal also took 6 wickets for 9 of nice swing. Swing provided and helped by the use of a Tiflex ball – really a much higher quality (worth the price).

Saumur 2017 WON 4 LOST 1

Match sheets in the Stats and Results page, as usual. Next stage: Montagu Tollers Occasionals 10th tour and 25th anniversary of the club!

After the match, Sunday 2 July