Indoor Regional Championship

Soon, very soon…

5 teams registered for this first really official Championship. We’ve been playing indoor tournaments for quite a few years now, and structure is now of the order. And also vying for the title of Champion Régional de Cricket Indoor!

As you can see in the fixture list, 4 events are planned, in which each team will play at least 3 matches. Each of these matches will allot points for the general standings.

Where and who shall play?

  • Nantes, 10 February : Nantes, Saumur, La Roche, Poitou, L’Oust
  • La Roche sur Yon, 24 February : La Roche, Saumur, Nantes, Poitou, L’Oust
  • Saumur, 24 March : Saumur, Poitou, La Roche, L’Oust, Nantes
  • La Roche Posay, 14 April : Poitou, Saumur, La Roche, Nantes