Match results – the season so far

After too much rain, and yet another flood in May, cricket, as usual, resumes in June. So, 2 matches, one vs Bordeaux-Giscours on Sunday 8, and one vs Maillé on Sunday 15. Here are the scorecards, with some fine performances :

* Saumur v Bordeaux 08062014 – first match : Amarnath Prasad
* Saumur v Maillé 15062014 – first match : Shakti Bajaj, Côme Isambert

Next steps are :

* practice on Wednesday evenings
* practice on Sunday 22 if enough of you are willing
* ladies week-end (Pays de Loire vs Ile de France on 28-29)

As always, if you have changes to declare in your availability, LET IT BE KNOWN ASAP!