Match vs Petosse (ex-Maillé) – Win n°2

A lot less heat this first Sunday of June, which was quite welcome after last week-end’s scorcher.

We also used the same pitch, meaning it was very hard and bouncy, but also started to show serious signs of misbehaving in some spots – it now needs a rest!

More serious and weathered opposition in the form of our friends of Petosse (will take some time not calling them Maillé), meaning that we wouldn’t be gifted as many extras, and would have to be careful with our shots.

As usual, when batting first in a 35 overs match, you need to graft to build a serious platform, knowing that with a good bowling attack, 150 can be defended. Having said that, our pitch isn’t the easiest one to bat on (never was, come rain or shine), and our newest players still haven’t adjusted to it, and also need to learn the mindset required to play “long” matches. 35 overs sure isn’t T20…

Bashir and Talha started well but fell a little too early. Hayat at 3 played safely, with dots, ones and fours, was looking good until he fell for a sucker ball by John S. and was caught for 39.

In the meantime, Gurdeep (2) and Peter (0) only made cameos, and Saïd was only starting when Hayat was out caught (very good fielding at long on). Score only about 85… Not good enough. Time for Vincent to build “le mur” and go into barnacle mode. Block good deliveries, leave wides ones, hit very bad ones. Just stay there and keep the oppo in the sun to wear them down. Keep on until the 35 overs are done. Saïd got a nice 13 playing along but was also out caught.

Task almost completed – until the 32nd over and score at 122. In between, Abdul (2) and Arif (3) were there all too briefly. Shamir (once more not out) and Omar helped our total to 130. Sturdier batting will be needed for our next games.

Too few overs bowled last week, but this was redressed this time, as we needed 32.5 overs to dismiss all Petosse batters. Talha made his debut with an fine 4.1-1-9-1, Abdul from the other end 3-1-2-0. Shamir also made his home debut with 5-0-11-2, Arif being the one to dismiss Garry, the oppo captain with a nasty inswinger after solid resistance. The rest of the wickets was shared between Bashir (2), Gurdeep (1) and Omar (2).

Special mention to Hugh, who almost carried his bat and made a valiant 41, being the only Petosse batter reaching double figures.